Importance of Client Intake Forms for Estheticians

client intake forms template

Why is the client intake form so important?

Your client intake form is a tool to obtain accurate and up-to-date information from a new client that you need to perform your job. 

An intake form can help you identify other services a client might need, whether it is a service that you provide or possible referrals that you could make.

The client intake form provides information that your client provides. That's why it can also be a part of your risk management practice. There are times when some of your clients may provide you wrong information that may give them a chance to blame you. Having your clients sign and date the form can help prevent any accusation because it will serve as a piece of evidence that will protect you.

Lastly, having a well-made client intake form can make your business look good. Having an organized process of onboarding a client sets a positive interaction. A user-friendly intake form will enable you to get started quickly and your client will see the value in what you do.

But the question is...


The first thing and most important information you form needs to obtain is your client's contact information. You will need the most accurate information like phone numbers and up-to-date email addresses where you can contact your client or where you can send them to update about your business' current events, sales, etc. 

Aside from contact information, it's also important that the client intake form should have a series of questions related to the service you provide or the client's chosen package. For example, if your client likes to avail of your lash extension service, you will want to know if your client has an eye injury, if they use any eye medication, and if they wear contacts. The questions asked will differ depending on your business. 

As an esthetician, your time is money. As much as possible, you want to be doing the things that lead to more revenue.

At Planmomma, we're passionate about helping businesses thrive to success through our ready-made templates. Having a well-made client intake form at your fingertips will allow you the luxury to focus more on revenue generation. You can use the information on your client intake form to help you better perform your job as an esthetician. 

A client intake form is more than just a request for contact information – it will become an essential component of your sales and onboarding process. How are you collecting intake information for your business? 

Well, what are you waiting for? Come and check out our professional Client Intake Forms exclusively at Planmomma!

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