Real Estate Marketing Flyers to Promote Your Business



Winning a property listing is only one step in the long process of securing a sale. Advertising is a vital next step to gain interested buyers, and flyers are ideal for doing this. Here are some design ideas for your real estate marketing flyers:


1. Hire a professional photographer 

Investing in photography and using only the best of your photographs in your flyers will help your customers take less time to digest and understand than text.

So, maximizing your quality photography will make people learn to have a level of trust in your brand as equating it with quality.

Not only that, photography also helps your customer to establish a level of consistency in your brand. If you design flyers consistent in color scheme, style, and logo use, your brand will become recognizable in your target region.


2. Keep your flyers simple

When it comes to creating a marketing flyer, it's important to keep in mind that the font and background colors should not clash to one another. Not only is it off-putting, but wild elements can make it hard for the readers to find the most important information of the flyer like listing price, listing details, and your contact information.

• Stick to your branding. If you don't have one, create a brand guide, which will make it easier to maintain brand consistency of all your marketing materials.

• Use easy-to-edit templates like those offered from Planmomma, which provide you a foundation to start from. You won't need any special software to customize and add text.


3. Test different designs and styles

Instead of just using one style for your marketing flyer, try testing different styles that will allow you to highlight different features of the house and your brand. Whether you're not a creative person or you just don't have the time to create different designs, check out some of the templates available at Planmomma that will allow you to develop flyers that will help you stand out from the rest of your competition.

Real Estate marketing flyers will help you to create an impactful first impression – but also a lasting impression moving forward.

Your flyers will help you tell your buyers that your real estate agency is professional and the right choice for them to either list their property with or buy through.

If you're ready to design your flyer, check out some of the available templates at Planmomma.